Saturday, June 5, 2010

Miss You

Miss You Clip Art Picture Comments |
Miss You Clip Art Picture Comments | you.......

Every tear is a sign of brokeness,
Every silence is a sign of loneliness,
Every smile is a sign of kindness,
Every sms is a sign of remembrance
I Miss You!

Miss you n Love you

In The Flower My Rose Is You,
In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You,
In The Sky My Moon Is You,
I'm Only Body My Heart Is You
That's Why I Always MISS YOU

Whenever I miss You, Stars falls down from the Sky.
So any day if you find the sky empty, don't blame me!
It's all your fault; You made me Miss u So Much!!

(I MISS U) are 3 words,
But take 3 seconds to read,
3 minutes to think,
3 hours to understand,
3 days to demonstrate,
3 weeks to explain & whole life to prove it!!!

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